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We specialise in construction projects falling under the category of Industrial construction primarily covering structures that produce commodities for distribution including factories, production plants and systems.

With our knowledge on locational requirements, needed techniques, infrastructure and permit requirements that are so important for industrial constructions, we provide the best value for money to our clients keen on setting up an industrial facility.

We possess the required specialised skills and experience in on site equipment assembly, custom fabrication and large scale installation.

Manufacturing plants produces products the business sells and requires transporting to various locations necessitating easy logistical access. We are experienced in construction works close to airports and seaports which are preferred locations for industrial facilities.

We focus on facility construction ensuring

-proper accessibility to roads and public transportation and  with enough space to accommodate large vehicles and delivery trucks, both for incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products.

- an efficient workflow, within the available area, assuming that production commences at the delivery hub with finished products storage close to the departure hub.

- enough internal space for machines and heavy equipment, bigger doors, wider corridors, higher ceilings with varying ceiling heights depending on the room’s purpose.

- synergy with Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing systems, HVAC systems etc.

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