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Our water business provides holistic solutions throughout the water cycle from the management of water sources and environments, water treatment and supply through to the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater.

We work closely with our clients to develop sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges they face. Whether these challenges relate to the planning and development of infrastructure or regeneration schemes, or the conservation and management of biodiversity and resources, our approach is focused on improving environmental performance, reducing risks and delivering efficiencies in time, cost and resources.

In all our activities, we are committed to help balance the social and economic demand for new development with the need to preserve and enhance our natural environment. We are also at the forefront of carbon critical design, helping our clients to reduce and manage their carbon footprints and prepare for a changing climate.

Our water key business areas include:

-             Water and wastewater infrastructure

-             Water resources and quality

-             Asset management

-             Dams and reservoirs

-             Ecology and biodiversity

-             Flood risk and surface water management

-             Rivers and coastal management

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